Benjamin Soltoff

Assistant Instructional Professor of Computational Social Science

University of Chicago

I am an assistant instructional professor in computational social science and assistant director of the Masters in Computational Social Science at the University of Chicago. I teach learners social scientific research design, computational modeling, data science, math/statistics, and data visualization.

I enjoy working with individuals from all backgrounds interested in applying computational methods to extract knowledge and inferences from a wide-range of domains. I have training and experience in data science and policy evaluation. In addition to my academic work, I offer consulting services for organizations interested in data science, including research and analysis as well as tailored workshops teaching programming skills to your employees.


  • Computational social science
  • American politics
  • Programming in R
  • Data visualization


  • PhD in Political Science, 2015

    The Pennsylvania State University

  • MA in Political Science, 2012

    The Pennsylvania State University

  • BA in Political Science, 2010

    James Madison University

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