A Project Portfolio

Some past and present projects I have developed (courses, packages, projects, etc.)

Written by Benjamin Soltoff

Computation Skills Workshop

The Computational Social Science Technical Skills Workshop (or Computation Skills Workshop for short) trains participants in technical skills and methods which are relevant to computationally-driven research, but are not typically taught in for-credit courses. It provides an explicit introduction to core software environments and interfaces which impose a barrier to access for individuals lacking prior exposure to programming, and facilitates a community of computational researchers across the Division of the Social Sciences.

Computing for the Social Sciences

This is an applied course for social scientists with little-to-no programming experience who wish to harness growing digital and computational resources. The focus of the course is on generating reproducible research through the use of programming languages and version control software.

Machine Learning with R for Text Data

A series of liveProjects to develop a foundation for machine learning using text data and the latest tools in R. In the project series learners will perform exploratory data analysis (EDA) to prepare for predictive modeling, preprocess the text data, develop core ML models, and train DL models.