About me

I am originally from Northern Virginia. After graduating from James Madison University, I pursued my PhD in political science from The Pennsylvania State University. I am now an assistant instructional professor in computational social science and the assistant director of the Masters in Computational Social Science at the University of Chicago.

My research focused on state judicial politics and utilized machine learning and text analysis to analyze agenda-setting behavior on state courts of last resort, including judicial selection/retention, institutional structure, and case selection under discretionary jurisdiction.

Since transitioning to the interdisciplinary field of computational social science, my focus has shifted to developing courses and curricular materials to integrate programming and computational methods in training in the social sciences. I teach undergraduate and graduate courses in research design, programming in R, data visualization, core mathematics, and statistical learning/computational modeling.

I also offer custom training and research services for companies interested in learning and implementing data science techniques using R and programmatic workflows. I am an RStudio certified trainer, and have experience teaching learners of all different backgrounds how to apply programmatic techniques to extract knowledge from data. For more information on the types of services I can offer you, contact me directly.


  • My amazing wife Amanda

My amazing wife Amanda

  • Our wonderful son Jacob

Our wonderful son Jacob

  • Our fantastic daughter Beverly

Our fantastic daughter Beverly

  • Our stupendous daughter Rosemarie

Our stupendous daughter Beverly

  • Our cute cat Ariel

Our cute cat Ariel