Computation Skills Workshop

MACS 51100

By Benjamin Soltoff in R Courses

October 1, 2021

The Computational Social Science Technical Skills Workshop (or Computation Skills Workshop for short) trains participants in technical skills and methods which are relevant to computationally-driven research, but are not typically taught in for-credit courses. It provides an explicit introduction to core software environments and interfaces which impose a barrier to access for individuals lacking prior exposure to programming, and facilitates a community of computational researchers across the Division of the Social Sciences. Individual workshops are designed for a range of technical backgrounds, including purely introductory methods as well as intermediate or advanced training in specific software or computational techniques. Workshops are designed for hands-on learning, and will include substantial live-coding exercises.

The workshop launched in 2021 on a biweekly schedule. Future meetings will include extended length workshops devoted to a broad range of tools and software in the data science community. All workshop materials, including detailed notes, slides, and in-class exercises, are published under open-source license.

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October 1, 2021
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